Block: Arabic Supplement

Range U+0750 - U+077F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Arabic Supplement is a Unicode block that encodes Arabic letter variants used for writing non-Arabic languages, including languages of Pakistan and Africa, and old Persian.
ݐ ݑ ݒ ݓ ݔ ݕ ݖ ݗ ݘ ݙ ݚ ݛ ݜ ݝ ݞ ݟ ݠ ݡ ݢ ݣ ݤ ݥ ݦ ݧ ݨ ݩ ݪ ݫ ݬ ݭ ݮ ݯ ݰ ݱ ݲ ݳ ݴ ݵ ݶ ݷ ݸ ݹ ݺ ݻ ݼ ݽ ݾ ݿ