Block: Old Italic

Range U+10300 - U+1032F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Old Italic is a Unicode block containing a unified repertoire of several Old Italic scripts used in various parts of Italy starting about 7th, including the Etruscan alphabet and others that were derived from it (or cognate with it). All those languages went extinct by about the 1st century BCE; except Latin, which however evolved its own Latin alphabet that is covered by other Unicode blocks.

For each script, each code point denotes zero or more symbols that are believed to be equivalent in that script, even if they had very different shapes.
𐌀 𐌁 𐌂 𐌃 𐌄 𐌅 𐌆 𐌇 𐌈 𐌉 𐌊 𐌋 𐌌 𐌍 𐌎 𐌏 𐌐 𐌑 𐌒 𐌓 𐌔 𐌕 𐌖 𐌗 𐌘 𐌙 𐌚 𐌛 𐌜 𐌝 𐌞 𐌟 𐌠 𐌡 𐌢 𐌣 𐌤 𐌥 𐌦 𐌧 𐌨 𐌩 𐌪 𐌫 𐌬 𐌭 𐌮 𐌯