Block: Ugaritic

Range U+10380 - U+1039F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Ugaritic is a Unicode block containing cuneiform alphabetic characters for writing the Ugaritic and Hurrian languages of the Ugarit city-state from the 15th-12th centuries BCE.
Some of the Unicode character names are reconstructions, and as such are not found in Ugaritic source texts.
𐎀 𐎁 𐎂 𐎃 𐎄 𐎅 𐎆 𐎇 𐎈 𐎉 𐎊 𐎋 𐎌 𐎍 𐎎 𐎏 𐎐 𐎑 𐎒 𐎓 𐎔 𐎕 𐎖 𐎗 𐎘 𐎙 𐎚 𐎛 𐎜 𐎝 𐎞 𐎟