Block: Hatran

Range U+108E0 - U+108FF
Official Chart
Wikipedia Hatran is a Unicode block containing characters used on inscriptions discovered at Hatra in Iraq, which are written in the Hatran alphabet and represent a form of the Aramaic language.
𐣠 𐣡 𐣢 𐣣 𐣤 𐣥 𐣦 𐣧 𐣨 𐣩 𐣪 𐣫 𐣬 𐣭 𐣮 𐣯 𐣰 𐣱 𐣲 𐣳 𐣴 𐣵 𐣶 𐣷 𐣸 𐣹 𐣺 𐣻 𐣼 𐣽 𐣾 𐣿