Block: Multani

Range U+11280 - U+112AF
Official Chart
Wikipedia This is a list of Unicode characters. As of version 12.1, Unicode contains a repertoire of over 137,000 characters covering 150 modern and historic scripts, as well as multiple symbol sets. As it is not technically possible to list all of these characters in a single Wikipedia page, this list is limited to a subset of the most important characters for English-language readers, with links to other pages which list the supplementary characters.
𑊀 𑊁 𑊂 𑊃 𑊄 𑊅 𑊆 𑊇 𑊈 𑊉 𑊊 𑊋 𑊌 𑊍 𑊎 𑊏 𑊐 𑊑 𑊒 𑊓 𑊔 𑊕 𑊖 𑊗 𑊘 𑊙 𑊚 𑊛 𑊜 𑊝 𑊞 𑊟 𑊠 𑊡 𑊢 𑊣 𑊤 𑊥 𑊦 𑊧 𑊨 𑊩 𑊪 𑊫 𑊬 𑊭 𑊮 𑊯