Block: Makasar

Range U+11EE0 - U+11EFF
Official Chart
Wikipedia Makasar is a Unicode block containing characters for Makasar script (also known as "Old Makassarese" or "Makassarese bird script" in English-language scholarly works).
The script was used historically in South Sulawesi, Indonesia for writing the Makassarese language.
𑻠 𑻡 𑻢 𑻣 𑻤 𑻥 𑻦 𑻧 𑻨 𑻩 𑻪 𑻫 𑻬 𑻭 𑻮 𑻯 𑻰 𑻱 𑻲 𑻳 𑻴 𑻵 𑻶 𑻷 𑻸 𑻹 𑻺 𑻻 𑻼 𑻽 𑻾 𑻿