Block: Bamum Supplement

Range U+16800 - U+16A3F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Bamum Supplement is a Unicode block containing the characters of the historic stage A-F of the Bamum script, used for writing the Bamum language of western Cameroon. The modern stage G characters, which include many characters used for stage A-F orthographies, are included in the Bamum block.
๐– € ๐–  ๐– ‚ ๐– ƒ ๐– „ ๐– … ๐– † ๐– ‡ ๐– ˆ ๐– ‰ ๐– Š ๐– ‹ ๐– Œ ๐–  ๐– Ž ๐–  ๐–  ๐– ‘ ๐– ’ ๐– “ ๐– ” ๐– • ๐– – ๐– — ๐– ˜ ๐– ™ ๐– š ๐– › ๐– œ ๐–  ๐– ž ๐– Ÿ ๐–   ๐– ก ๐– ข ๐– ฃ ๐– ค ๐– ฅ ๐– ฆ ๐– ง ๐– จ ๐– ฉ ๐– ช ๐– ซ ๐– ฌ ๐– ญ ๐– ฎ ๐– ฏ ๐– ฐ ๐– ฑ ๐– ฒ ๐– ณ ๐– ด ๐– ต ๐– ถ ๐– ท ๐– ธ ๐– น ๐– บ ๐– ป ๐– ผ ๐– ฝ ๐– พ ๐– ฟ ๐–ก€ ๐–ก ๐–ก‚ ๐–กƒ ๐–ก„ ๐–ก… ๐–ก† ๐–ก‡ ๐–กˆ ๐–ก‰ ๐–กŠ ๐–ก‹ ๐–กŒ ๐–ก ๐–กŽ ๐–ก ๐–ก ๐–ก‘ ๐–ก’ ๐–ก“ ๐–ก” ๐–ก• ๐–ก– ๐–ก— ๐–ก˜ ๐–ก™ ๐–กš ๐–ก› ๐–กœ ๐–ก ๐–กž ๐–กŸ ๐–ก  ๐–กก ๐–กข ๐–กฃ ๐–กค ๐–กฅ ๐–กฆ ๐–กง ๐–กจ ๐–กฉ ๐–กช ๐–กซ ๐–กฌ ๐–กญ ๐–กฎ ๐–กฏ ๐–กฐ ๐–กฑ ๐–กฒ ๐–กณ ๐–กด ๐–กต ๐–กถ ๐–กท ๐–กธ ๐–กน ๐–กบ ๐–กป ๐–กผ ๐–กฝ ๐–กพ ๐–กฟ ๐–ข€ ๐–ข ๐–ข‚ ๐–ขƒ ๐–ข„ ๐–ข… ๐–ข† ๐–ข‡ ๐–ขˆ ๐–ข‰ ๐–ขŠ ๐–ข‹ ๐–ขŒ ๐–ข ๐–ขŽ ๐–ข ๐–ข ๐–ข‘ ๐–ข’ ๐–ข“ ๐–ข” ๐–ข• ๐–ข– ๐–ข— ๐–ข˜ ๐–ข™ ๐–ขš ๐–ข› ๐–ขœ ๐–ข ๐–ขž ๐–ขŸ ๐–ข  ๐–ขก ๐–ขข ๐–ขฃ ๐–ขค ๐–ขฅ ๐–ขฆ ๐–ขง ๐–ขจ ๐–ขฉ ๐–ขช ๐–ขซ ๐–ขฌ ๐–ขญ ๐–ขฎ ๐–ขฏ ๐–ขฐ ๐–ขฑ ๐–ขฒ ๐–ขณ ๐–ขด ๐–ขต ๐–ขถ ๐–ขท ๐–ขธ ๐–ขน ๐–ขบ ๐–ขป ๐–ขผ ๐–ขฝ ๐–ขพ ๐–ขฟ ๐–ฃ€ ๐–ฃ ๐–ฃ‚ ๐–ฃƒ ๐–ฃ„ ๐–ฃ… ๐–ฃ† ๐–ฃ‡ ๐–ฃˆ ๐–ฃ‰ ๐–ฃŠ ๐–ฃ‹ ๐–ฃŒ ๐–ฃ ๐–ฃŽ ๐–ฃ ๐–ฃ ๐–ฃ‘ ๐–ฃ’ ๐–ฃ“ ๐–ฃ” ๐–ฃ• ๐–ฃ– ๐–ฃ— ๐–ฃ˜ ๐–ฃ™ ๐–ฃš ๐–ฃ› ๐–ฃœ ๐–ฃ ๐–ฃž ๐–ฃŸ ๐–ฃ  ๐–ฃก ๐–ฃข ๐–ฃฃ ๐–ฃค ๐–ฃฅ ๐–ฃฆ ๐–ฃง ๐–ฃจ ๐–ฃฉ ๐–ฃช ๐–ฃซ ๐–ฃฌ ๐–ฃญ ๐–ฃฎ ๐–ฃฏ ๐–ฃฐ ๐–ฃฑ ๐–ฃฒ ๐–ฃณ ๐–ฃด ๐–ฃต ๐–ฃถ ๐–ฃท ๐–ฃธ ๐–ฃน ๐–ฃบ ๐–ฃป ๐–ฃผ ๐–ฃฝ ๐–ฃพ ๐–ฃฟ ๐–ค€ ๐–ค ๐–ค‚ ๐–คƒ ๐–ค„ ๐–ค… ๐–ค† ๐–ค‡ ๐–คˆ ๐–ค‰ ๐–คŠ ๐–ค‹ ๐–คŒ ๐–ค ๐–คŽ ๐–ค ๐–ค ๐–ค‘ ๐–ค’ ๐–ค“ ๐–ค” ๐–ค• ๐–ค– ๐–ค— ๐–ค˜ ๐–ค™ ๐–คš ๐–ค› ๐–คœ ๐–ค ๐–คž ๐–คŸ ๐–ค  ๐–คก ๐–คข ๐–คฃ ๐–คค ๐–คฅ ๐–คฆ ๐–คง ๐–คจ ๐–คฉ ๐–คช ๐–คซ ๐–คฌ ๐–คญ ๐–คฎ ๐–คฏ ๐–คฐ ๐–คฑ ๐–คฒ ๐–คณ ๐–คด ๐–คต ๐–คถ ๐–คท ๐–คธ ๐–คน ๐–คบ ๐–คป ๐–คผ ๐–คฝ ๐–คพ ๐–คฟ ๐–ฅ€ ๐–ฅ ๐–ฅ‚ ๐–ฅƒ ๐–ฅ„ ๐–ฅ… ๐–ฅ† ๐–ฅ‡ ๐–ฅˆ ๐–ฅ‰ ๐–ฅŠ ๐–ฅ‹ ๐–ฅŒ ๐–ฅ ๐–ฅŽ ๐–ฅ ๐–ฅ ๐–ฅ‘ ๐–ฅ’ ๐–ฅ“ ๐–ฅ” ๐–ฅ• ๐–ฅ– ๐–ฅ— ๐–ฅ˜ ๐–ฅ™ ๐–ฅš ๐–ฅ› ๐–ฅœ ๐–ฅ ๐–ฅž ๐–ฅŸ ๐–ฅ  ๐–ฅก ๐–ฅข ๐–ฅฃ ๐–ฅค ๐–ฅฅ ๐–ฅฆ ๐–ฅง ๐–ฅจ ๐–ฅฉ ๐–ฅช ๐–ฅซ ๐–ฅฌ ๐–ฅญ ๐–ฅฎ ๐–ฅฏ ๐–ฅฐ ๐–ฅฑ ๐–ฅฒ ๐–ฅณ ๐–ฅด ๐–ฅต ๐–ฅถ ๐–ฅท ๐–ฅธ ๐–ฅน ๐–ฅบ ๐–ฅป ๐–ฅผ ๐–ฅฝ ๐–ฅพ ๐–ฅฟ ๐–ฆ€ ๐–ฆ ๐–ฆ‚ ๐–ฆƒ ๐–ฆ„ ๐–ฆ… ๐–ฆ† ๐–ฆ‡ ๐–ฆˆ ๐–ฆ‰ ๐–ฆŠ ๐–ฆ‹ ๐–ฆŒ ๐–ฆ ๐–ฆŽ ๐–ฆ ๐–ฆ ๐–ฆ‘ ๐–ฆ’ ๐–ฆ“ ๐–ฆ” ๐–ฆ• ๐–ฆ– ๐–ฆ— ๐–ฆ˜ ๐–ฆ™ ๐–ฆš ๐–ฆ› ๐–ฆœ ๐–ฆ ๐–ฆž ๐–ฆŸ ๐–ฆ  ๐–ฆก ๐–ฆข ๐–ฆฃ ๐–ฆค ๐–ฆฅ ๐–ฆฆ ๐–ฆง ๐–ฆจ ๐–ฆฉ ๐–ฆช ๐–ฆซ ๐–ฆฌ ๐–ฆญ ๐–ฆฎ ๐–ฆฏ ๐–ฆฐ ๐–ฆฑ ๐–ฆฒ ๐–ฆณ ๐–ฆด ๐–ฆต ๐–ฆถ ๐–ฆท ๐–ฆธ ๐–ฆน ๐–ฆบ ๐–ฆป ๐–ฆผ ๐–ฆฝ ๐–ฆพ ๐–ฆฟ ๐–ง€ ๐–ง ๐–ง‚ ๐–งƒ ๐–ง„ ๐–ง… ๐–ง† ๐–ง‡ ๐–งˆ ๐–ง‰ ๐–งŠ ๐–ง‹ ๐–งŒ ๐–ง ๐–งŽ ๐–ง ๐–ง ๐–ง‘ ๐–ง’ ๐–ง“ ๐–ง” ๐–ง• ๐–ง– ๐–ง— ๐–ง˜ ๐–ง™ ๐–งš ๐–ง› ๐–งœ ๐–ง ๐–งž ๐–งŸ ๐–ง  ๐–งก ๐–งข ๐–งฃ ๐–งค ๐–งฅ ๐–งฆ ๐–งง ๐–งจ ๐–งฉ ๐–งช ๐–งซ ๐–งฌ ๐–งญ ๐–งฎ ๐–งฏ ๐–งฐ ๐–งฑ ๐–งฒ ๐–งณ ๐–งด ๐–งต ๐–งถ ๐–งท ๐–งธ ๐–งน ๐–งบ ๐–งป ๐–งผ ๐–งฝ ๐–งพ ๐–งฟ ๐–จ€ ๐–จ ๐–จ‚ ๐–จƒ ๐–จ„ ๐–จ… ๐–จ† ๐–จ‡ ๐–จˆ ๐–จ‰ ๐–จŠ ๐–จ‹ ๐–จŒ ๐–จ ๐–จŽ ๐–จ ๐–จ ๐–จ‘ ๐–จ’ ๐–จ“ ๐–จ” ๐–จ• ๐–จ– ๐–จ— ๐–จ˜ ๐–จ™ ๐–จš ๐–จ› ๐–จœ ๐–จ ๐–จž ๐–จŸ ๐–จ  ๐–จก ๐–จข ๐–จฃ ๐–จค ๐–จฅ ๐–จฆ ๐–จง ๐–จจ ๐–จฉ ๐–จช ๐–จซ ๐–จฌ ๐–จญ ๐–จฎ ๐–จฏ ๐–จฐ ๐–จฑ ๐–จฒ ๐–จณ ๐–จด ๐–จต ๐–จถ ๐–จท ๐–จธ ๐–จน ๐–จบ ๐–จป ๐–จผ ๐–จฝ ๐–จพ ๐–จฟ