Block: Medefaidrin

Range U+16E40 - U+16E9F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Medefaidrin is a Unicode block containing characters for the constructed script Medefaidrin which is used to write the constructed language of the same name. The Medefaidrin language and script were created as a Christian sacred language by an Ibibio congregation in 1930s Nigeria.
๐–น€ ๐–น ๐–น‚ ๐–นƒ ๐–น„ ๐–น… ๐–น† ๐–น‡ ๐–นˆ ๐–น‰ ๐–นŠ ๐–น‹ ๐–นŒ ๐–น ๐–นŽ ๐–น ๐–น ๐–น‘ ๐–น’ ๐–น“ ๐–น” ๐–น• ๐–น– ๐–น— ๐–น˜ ๐–น™ ๐–นš ๐–น› ๐–นœ ๐–น ๐–นž ๐–นŸ ๐–น  ๐–นก ๐–นข ๐–นฃ ๐–นค ๐–นฅ ๐–นฆ ๐–นง ๐–นจ ๐–นฉ ๐–นช ๐–นซ ๐–นฌ ๐–นญ ๐–นฎ ๐–นฏ ๐–นฐ ๐–นฑ ๐–นฒ ๐–นณ ๐–นด ๐–นต ๐–นถ ๐–นท ๐–นธ ๐–นน ๐–นบ ๐–นป ๐–นผ ๐–นฝ ๐–นพ ๐–นฟ ๐–บ€ ๐–บ ๐–บ‚ ๐–บƒ ๐–บ„ ๐–บ… ๐–บ† ๐–บ‡ ๐–บˆ ๐–บ‰ ๐–บŠ ๐–บ‹ ๐–บŒ ๐–บ ๐–บŽ ๐–บ ๐–บ ๐–บ‘ ๐–บ’ ๐–บ“ ๐–บ” ๐–บ• ๐–บ– ๐–บ— ๐–บ˜ ๐–บ™ ๐–บš ๐–บ› ๐–บœ ๐–บ ๐–บž ๐–บŸ