Block: Tai Tham

Range U+1A20 - U+1AAF
Official Chart
Wikipedia The Tai Tham script, Lanna script (Thai: อักษรธรรมล้านนา) or Tua Mueang (Northern Thai: ᨲ᩠ᩅᩫᨾᩮᩥᩬᨦ, Northern Thai pronunciation: [tǔa.mɯ̄aŋ] listen, Tai Lü: ᨲᩫ᩠ᩅᨵᨾ᩠ᨾ᩼
, Tham, "scripture"), is used for three living languages: Northern Thai (that is, Kham Mueang), Tai Lü and Khün. In addition, the Lanna script is used for Lao Tham (or old Lao) and other dialect variants in Buddhist palm leaves and notebooks. The script is also known as Tham or Yuan script.
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