Block: Duployan

Range U+1BC00 - U+1BC9F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Duployan is a Unicode block containing characters for various Duployan shorthands, including French Duployรฉan, Chinook Writing, Romanian shorthand, and the English Sloan-Duployan, Pernin, and Perrault shorthands. It is the first block of shorthand characters included in the Unicode Standard.
๐›ฐ€ ๐›ฐ ๐›ฐ‚ ๐›ฐƒ ๐›ฐ„ ๐›ฐ… ๐›ฐ† ๐›ฐ‡ ๐›ฐˆ ๐›ฐ‰ ๐›ฐŠ ๐›ฐ‹ ๐›ฐŒ ๐›ฐ ๐›ฐŽ ๐›ฐ ๐›ฐ ๐›ฐ‘ ๐›ฐ’ ๐›ฐ“ ๐›ฐ” ๐›ฐ• ๐›ฐ– ๐›ฐ— ๐›ฐ˜ ๐›ฐ™ ๐›ฐš ๐›ฐ› ๐›ฐœ ๐›ฐ ๐›ฐž ๐›ฐŸ ๐›ฐ  ๐›ฐก ๐›ฐข ๐›ฐฃ ๐›ฐค ๐›ฐฅ ๐›ฐฆ ๐›ฐง ๐›ฐจ ๐›ฐฉ ๐›ฐช ๐›ฐซ ๐›ฐฌ ๐›ฐญ ๐›ฐฎ ๐›ฐฏ ๐›ฐฐ ๐›ฐฑ ๐›ฐฒ ๐›ฐณ ๐›ฐด ๐›ฐต ๐›ฐถ ๐›ฐท ๐›ฐธ ๐›ฐน ๐›ฐบ ๐›ฐป ๐›ฐผ ๐›ฐฝ ๐›ฐพ ๐›ฐฟ ๐›ฑ€ ๐›ฑ ๐›ฑ‚ ๐›ฑƒ ๐›ฑ„ ๐›ฑ… ๐›ฑ† ๐›ฑ‡ ๐›ฑˆ ๐›ฑ‰ ๐›ฑŠ ๐›ฑ‹ ๐›ฑŒ ๐›ฑ ๐›ฑŽ ๐›ฑ ๐›ฑ ๐›ฑ‘ ๐›ฑ’ ๐›ฑ“ ๐›ฑ” ๐›ฑ• ๐›ฑ– ๐›ฑ— ๐›ฑ˜ ๐›ฑ™ ๐›ฑš ๐›ฑ› ๐›ฑœ ๐›ฑ ๐›ฑž ๐›ฑŸ ๐›ฑ  ๐›ฑก ๐›ฑข ๐›ฑฃ ๐›ฑค ๐›ฑฅ ๐›ฑฆ ๐›ฑง ๐›ฑจ ๐›ฑฉ ๐›ฑช ๐›ฑซ ๐›ฑฌ ๐›ฑญ ๐›ฑฎ ๐›ฑฏ ๐›ฑฐ ๐›ฑฑ ๐›ฑฒ ๐›ฑณ ๐›ฑด ๐›ฑต ๐›ฑถ ๐›ฑท ๐›ฑธ ๐›ฑน ๐›ฑบ ๐›ฑป ๐›ฑผ ๐›ฑฝ ๐›ฑพ ๐›ฑฟ ๐›ฒ€ ๐›ฒ ๐›ฒ‚ ๐›ฒƒ ๐›ฒ„ ๐›ฒ… ๐›ฒ† ๐›ฒ‡ ๐›ฒˆ ๐›ฒ‰ ๐›ฒŠ ๐›ฒ‹ ๐›ฒŒ ๐›ฒ ๐›ฒŽ ๐›ฒ ๐›ฒ ๐›ฒ‘ ๐›ฒ’ ๐›ฒ“ ๐›ฒ” ๐›ฒ• ๐›ฒ– ๐›ฒ— ๐›ฒ˜ ๐›ฒ™ ๐›ฒš ๐›ฒ› ๐›ฒœ ๐›ฒ ๐›ฒž ๐›ฒŸ