Block: Adlam

Range U+1E900 - U+1E95F
Official Chart
Wikipedia Adlam is a Unicode block containing characters from the Adlam alphabet, an alphabetic script devised during the late 1980s for writing the Fula language in Guinea, Nigeria, Liberia and other nearby countries. The proposal was authored by Michael Everson. In October 2017, Google released a Noto font that supports the block, Noto Sans Adlam.
๐žค€ ๐žค ๐žค‚ ๐žคƒ ๐žค„ ๐žค… ๐žค† ๐žค‡ ๐žคˆ ๐žค‰ ๐žคŠ ๐žค‹ ๐žคŒ ๐žค ๐žคŽ ๐žค ๐žค ๐žค‘ ๐žค’ ๐žค“ ๐žค” ๐žค• ๐žค– ๐žค— ๐žค˜ ๐žค™ ๐žคš ๐žค› ๐žคœ ๐žค ๐žคž ๐žคŸ ๐žค  ๐žคก ๐žคข ๐žคฃ ๐žคค ๐žคฅ ๐žคฆ ๐žคง ๐žคจ ๐žคฉ ๐žคช ๐žคซ ๐žคฌ ๐žคญ ๐žคฎ ๐žคฏ ๐žคฐ ๐žคฑ ๐žคฒ ๐žคณ ๐žคด ๐žคต ๐žคถ ๐žคท ๐žคธ ๐žคน ๐žคบ ๐žคป ๐žคผ ๐žคฝ ๐žคพ ๐žคฟ ๐žฅ€ ๐žฅ ๐žฅ‚ ๐žฅƒ ๐žฅ„ ๐žฅ… ๐žฅ† ๐žฅ‡ ๐žฅˆ ๐žฅ‰ ๐žฅŠ ๐žฅ‹ ๐žฅŒ ๐žฅ ๐žฅŽ ๐žฅ ๐žฅ ๐žฅ‘ ๐žฅ’ ๐žฅ“ ๐žฅ” ๐žฅ• ๐žฅ– ๐žฅ— ๐žฅ˜ ๐žฅ™ ๐žฅš ๐žฅ› ๐žฅœ ๐žฅ ๐žฅž ๐žฅŸ