Block: CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A

Range U+3400 - U+4DBF
Official Chart
Wikipedia The Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) scripts share a common background, collectively known as CJK characters. In the process called Han unification, the common (shared) characters were identified and named CJK Unified Ideographs. As of Unicode 12.0, Unicode defines a total of 87,887 CJK Unified Ideographs.The terms ideographs or ideograms may be misleading, since the Chinese script is not strictly a pictographic or ideographic system.
㤿 㥿 㦿 㧿 㨿 㩿 㪿 㫿 㬿 㭿 㮿 㯿 㰿 㱿 㲿 㳿 㴿 㵿 㶿 㷿 㸿 㹿 㺿 㻿 㼿 㽿 㾿 㿿 䀀 䤿 䥿 䦿 䧿 䨿 䩿 䪿 䫿 䬿 䭿 䮿 䯿 䰿 䱿 䲿 䳿 䴿 䵿 䶿