Block: CJK Compatibility Ideographs

Range U+F900 - U+FAFF
Official Chart
Wikipedia CJK Compatibility Ideographs is a Unicode block created to contain Han characters that were encoded in multiple locations in other established character encodings, in addition to their CJK Unified Ideographs assignments, in order to retain round-trip compatibility between Unicode and those encodings. Such encodings include the South Korean KS X 1001:1998 (U+F900U+FA0B, 268 characters), Taiwanese Big5 (U+FA0CU+FA0D, 2 characters), Japanese IBM 32 (CP932 variant; U+FA0EU+FA2D, 32 characters), South Korean KS X 1001:2004 (U+FA2EU+FA2F, 2 character), Japanese JIS X 0213 (U+FA30U+FA6A, 59 characters), Japanese ARIB STD-B24 (U+FA6BU+FA6D, 3 characters) and the North Korean KPS 10721–U+2000 (U+FA70U+FAD9, 106 characters) source standards.
In ensuing versions of the standard, more characters have been added to the block.
錄 勵 樂 刺 憎 奔 謹 﫿