Block: Hanifi Rohingya

Range U+10D00 - U+10D3F
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Wikipedia The Hanifi Rohingya script is a unified script for the Rohingya language. Rohingya was first written in the 19th century with a version of the Perso-Arabic script. In 1975, an orthographic Arabic script was developed, based on the Urdu alphabet.
๐ด€ ๐ด ๐ด‚ ๐ดƒ ๐ด„ ๐ด… ๐ด† ๐ด‡ ๐ดˆ ๐ด‰ ๐ดŠ ๐ด‹ ๐ดŒ ๐ด ๐ดŽ ๐ด ๐ด ๐ด‘ ๐ด’ ๐ด“ ๐ด” ๐ด• ๐ด– ๐ด— ๐ด˜ ๐ด™ ๐ดš ๐ด› ๐ดœ ๐ด ๐ดž ๐ดŸ ๐ด  ๐ดก ๐ดข ๐ดฃ ๐ดค ๐ดฅ ๐ดฆ ๐ดง ๐ดจ ๐ดฉ ๐ดช ๐ดซ ๐ดฌ ๐ดญ ๐ดฎ ๐ดฏ ๐ดฐ ๐ดฑ ๐ดฒ ๐ดณ ๐ดด ๐ดต ๐ดถ ๐ดท ๐ดธ ๐ดน ๐ดบ ๐ดป ๐ดผ ๐ดฝ ๐ดพ ๐ดฟ